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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not arrive the day I booked the apartment from? Please call us in case your flight is cancelled or if you miss your connection, so we would rearrange airport pick up. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for that missed night at the apartment since it was held for you according to your booking request. 

How do I pay for the apartment? We require one night advance payment for the booking to be made. The balance needs to be paid upon the arrival in US dollars, Euro or Ukrainian currency.Western Union transfer.You can do it either from any WU office in your country or through the web site: One night rate amount could be forwarded to us by any of your representatives in our city. Bank transfer This longer method sometimes creates confusions because the apartment could be rented out to another customer in period of time you sent the money and it appeared on our account. Please check with us if you choose this option so we would still keep the apartment reserved while money is on the way. 

Any security deposit required? Security deposits are required when you check in to some of our apartments for rent, they are totally refundable upon move out (in case there is no damage to the property). Security deposits differ from one rental apartment to another in the range from $ 50 to $ 100

What is Cancellation policy? The booking deposit is not refundable in case of us being informed of the cancellation less than 8 days before the scheduled arrival. The same one night rate penalty applies to changing dates of your vacation. Do we get any invoice or receipt for the money paid?The receipt stating: the amount of money paid/address of the apartment/period of time the apartment rented would be issued to you upon full payment is received.

How do I get to the apartment? Our driver meets you at the airport hall holding the sign with your name on it, when you order the transfer service. You would be taken directly to the apartment and assisted with currency exchange or groceries on the way. Most foreigners when travel to Ukraine for the first time, experience a culture shock for the first couple of days, by ordering the service you will be able to feel a little relaxed right from the start instead of being lost at the airport and then overcharged by airport taxi drivers

How can I get to the apartment by myself? Please e-mail us the confirmed itinerary in order for us to wait for you at the apartment on time. The address of the apartment needs to be given to a driver who takes you to the apartment. A brief call once you are out of the airport would be helpful and appreciated. 

Are pets allowed? There are pet-friendly apartments in our catalog, please check the option beforehand to avoid any confusion upon the arrival. Apartment owners are typically more worried about damage to the apartment when tourists bring their pets in, please note that you are fully responsible for any noise and damage caused by it.  

What is the best location for my stay? Odessa downtown is the best location for your stay, since you are close to almost all local attractions, nice restaurants, shopping mall, Opera House, parks, gym, museums, art galleries. All that within walking distance if you live in Odessa downtown with its amazing architecture. In most cases apartments closer to the sea side available for the daily rent just in summer. 

What are the voltage requirements in Ukraine? Our Voltage is 220 V In order to use your appliances that were made for 110 V you need to use an adapter and voltage converter. Get it before traveling to be able to use your small electric appliances in Ukraine. 

Can I use ATMs in Odessa? There are quite a few ATMs just on the streets of Odessa downtown. You would not have problems withdrawing the money from them. Some ATMs have just Ukrainian currency available and some would offer you US Dollars as well, so make sure the amount you are going to withdraw is in the desired currency. You will also need a PIN number for the credit/debit cards to be able to use them. NOTE: You need to inform your banks about traveling to Ukraine, otherwise the cards would be blocked once they see them used in Ukraine. Most ATMs work 24/7, but some cash would give you more confidence during your stay. 

Should I bring travelers cheques? The procedure of cashing them is quite difficult and time consuming, some cash and credit cards are still more convenient. 

What currency should I bring? There is no need to search for Ukrainian currency in your banks, currency exchange places in Odessa are literally everywhere. You will not spend more than five minutes to have US Dollars exchanged into Hrivnas (local Ukrainian currency).                                                                                  

Is it Safe in Odessa? In old days Odessa was well known for pretty skilled thieves and pick-pockets, some of them are still there. You would have no problems unless you flesh your valuables on the streets. Watch your pockets at some busy places and do not walk alone at some night parks or dark streets. 

Do I need to have the passport with me all the time? You need to have your Immigration Card that you received at the airport and a photocopy of your Passport in case you are asked for it by the local Police.  

What is check in time? Normal check in time in our apartments is 14:00, while check out is 12:00. Some times early check ins are available without any extra fees, but the guaranteed way to check in to the apartment earlier is pay for the night before your arrival so the apartment would be available for you at any early hour. The same policy applies to the late check outs, but some times late check out could be also free of charge due to the late check in of the following tourists. Check with us for the options.  

Does the price of the apartment change according to the number of persons staying? The capacity of each apartment is indicated in any description of it in the catalog. A number of persons can stay accordingly without any price change. 

What if there is no electricity or water at the apartment? Some repair works by water/electricity services in Odessa are beyond our control, in most cases we can just inform you on when the breakdown would be fixed or the scheduled maintenance work end.   Contact us if there is no power or water at the apartment


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